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How to buy a J.league ticket.

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In this article, I would like to introduce how to buy a J.league ticket.

1. How to buy a J.league ticket at convenience stores

One of the means of getting a ticket for J.league matches is to buy it at convenience stores.

There are lots of convenience stores across Japan. And many of these stores have a ticket machine in the store.

Major convenience stores in Japan are “Seven Eleven”, “Family mart” and “Lawson”.

Each convenience store have a ticket machine.

But unfortunately these ticket machines don’t support English, support Japanese version only.

So you have to operate a ticket machine in Japanese.

I’ll let you know the site which tell you how to use a ticket machine of Lawson in English.

Lawson site


2. How to buy a J.league ticket on the internet

If you are anxious about operating a ticket machine, you can also buy a ticket on the internet.

You can buy a ticket on the internet, and you print a voucher. Then you have to pick up the ticket at a convenience store. In a convenience store, you show the voucher to store clerk, and you get the ticket.

But ticket sites are only displayed in Japanese. You need to read Japanese text.

I’ll tell you the sites of getting a ticket.

ticket site 1   (Ticket pia web site)

ticket site 2  (Lowson ticket web site)

ticket site 3  (e-plus ticket web site)

3. How to buy a J.league ticket at a stadium

Of course, you can buy a ticket at the box office near the stadium.

Tickets of a J.league match are not usually sold out.

But a wake-up ticket is a little more expensive than an advance ticket, so if you plan to go a J.league match, you should buy it in advance.


In conclusion

How to buy a J.league ticket is as follows:

  1. You buy it at convenience stores
  2. You buy it on the internet
  3. You buy it at a stadium

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